A Bard’s Tale – Dungeons & Dragons

When I first got diagnosed I didn’t think I would be able to get back into any socials circles without worrying about my Crohn’s playing up and what on earth would I do if my symptoms struck! Turns out you just adapt and sometimes things are only temporarily bad. Plus I have an awesome group of friends who I don’t think quite frankly care about my broken immune system and care more about my dazzling personality and what I can bring to the table. I mean that in the literal sense, snacks and of course my amazing player skills (I may have used some artisitc license on their thoughts)

So I got back into an old hobby of mine Dungeons and Dragons – and here begins the story of an unlikely group of miscreants….*cough heroes – starting with Cordelia Farce, Bard extraordinaire: Read More

Guiding Hand

When you step off the path I hope I can be there to put you back on
And when you reach out I promise that I won’t just be gone
We all come off balance and sometimes lose our way
And I will try my best not to lead you astray
But I can’t be responsible for the actions you take
Or for the choices that you sometimes might make
I will be your friend and try to be kind, all that I ask is you bare something in mind
We are only human after all, and sometimes we stumble and sometimes we fall
If I step off the path and you see me run on, please reach out your hand and put me back on.

Chronie in York

This weekend I went away for a day/night in York. It struck me as I was packing how much we have to pre plan when living with a chronic illness. I didn’t book a hostel as I was worried about the toilet facilities and I was carrying more pills than than the what felt like the local pharmacy.

On the car journey my stomach started playing up in slow moving traffic, immense pain that came in waves. I also had to do a few mad dashes while in york to the local pubs to use the toilet facilities. I even used my Radar Key for the first time to open a disabled toilet that I spotted had the national key scheme on it.

Despite my crohns making an appearance quite regularly I had a really great weekend. I was determined that I wasn’t going to allow IBD to rule my life. Yes, I am currently on medication that has allowed some of symptons to calm down and Yes, I had to make adjustments while I was out, but still came away knowing I can still have good times while living with IBD.

It can limit me at times, but it will never take my freedom! You can still live a full life with a chronic disease. Keep fighting all you amazing warriors.

Live, love and be happy


On saturday morning I was helping marshall a walking event with the Mothers Union group, after the walk I got talking to a few of the members about Crohns and that I had it. One lady mentioned that it would be really good if I could come to a mothers union evening and talk about the disease. Read More

Poem – Doctors note

Doctors note

I begged and I pleaded
I asked for help that I needed
But you waved me away
Its my IBS you would say

Read More

Lets talk about Drugs

I am now a year into my journey with Crohns and while I’m no expert I’ve taken my fair share of meds for the disease and wanted to share my experience with the drugs that I have been on and that I am currently on so far. Read More

Local Trotter Out

IBD is a funny old thing, I got up at 9.30 this morning, which is later than my normal diseased tummy allows (pre disease 10.30 lie in at weekends, scandalous I know) and seeing as it was a sunny day, I decided it would be nice to drag my carcass outside.

Went for a lovely local walk with my partner along some fublic puffpaths (public footpath to everyone else)

I had a few wobbles along the way where my stomach started groaning and I thought Oh god please don’t let me be caught short (them brambles, sparse woodland and dry leaves didn’t look like good toilet ground)

A year ago I thought I’d be trapped in the house more often and that would be my life – but things are so changeable, I figure it’s best to seize what you can when you can as you don’t always know what’s around the corner. (Here’s hoping it’s a very convenient toilet)

Happy Trotting Everyone