Inflamm whim wham

It can sometimes feel like your medical professionals are talking gibberish, they may as well be talking swaheeli for all I know. Whether this be your gp, ibd nurse or consultant, what we want from them is less jargon.

I had a very recent visit with my ibd nurse, this is only the second time I’ve seen her since diagnosis but on both occasions she has been amazing.

On the first occasion it was a few months since diagnosis this year and it was mainly to discuss starting the biologic humira (injection pens to you & me). This time however was to discuss how my symptoms were since starting the meds and a general overview of my health.

This is the first time anyone has sat me down and explained my inflammatory markers for ibd, it was really interesting. Inflammatory markers for those that don’t know are the levels of inflammation present within the body, 0-10 being the normal range.

With ibd they can generally be a bit higher, the aim of the game is to get the inflammation under control. Mine was 37 in March, 27 in July and as of October 15,  So my meds are slowly working.

They can measure the inflammation levels in different ways, blood tests, stool samples, I’m sure there are more but I’m no doctor. My levels are measured from regular blood tests as I am on some tablets called Azathioprine which supresses my immune system. (Thanks Crohns, now I can catch every cold/bug known to man)

I have to send off a stool sample in a month which is always a fun trek to the local gp’s office – I try to be inconspicious which clearly makes you look more suspicious, no idea why its only poo!!

Here is hoping my Inflammatory markers are even lower the next time, and I no longer have to think Inflamm whim wham what?

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