The Force within

Me and my partner went to watch the new star wars, the last Jedi the other weekend. Why is this relevant you wonder?

Saturday morning rolled round and I hadn’t made a decision to go anywhere, In fact I had not even made the decision to get out of bed.

My little stomach gremlins were playing up and I hadn’t slept a wink and was feeling particularly sorry for myself at that moment in time. If I could have curled into a ball and let the ground swallow me up I would have. But… and there is one.

As I was lying there at 10:30 in the morning crying, I suddenly thought to myself what on earth are you doing wallowing in self pity. Get up and get dressed. You might look like crap but who cares, go out, live a little.

Sometimes my internal monologue gives me a pep talk or kick up the backside when I need it, other times it makes up worse case scenarios of things that havent even happened yet.

So I dusted myself off, and with the man in tow, more like towing me, off we went to the pictures.

SPOILER ALERT STAR WARS references below

As I was sitting through the film with my Trendy 3d glasses on, something really resonated with me while watching the film. There is no light side and dark side, it’s an internal struggle with the force that is within us and within all things, it’s how we find balance that matters.

It may seem ridiculous to some, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t enjoy the film that much but I loved rogue one, but that’s another story. It’s just to remember that it’s not all black and white, right or wrong.

Life is a struggle both internal and external, but if I’m at peace with my crohns, I can find acceptance, harmony and balance within.

Be one with the Force, and May the force be with you all.

P.s most of the time I feel like Darth Vader and will always root for the empire. Without order there is chaos! Chaos leads to madness. The Republic must not win. Rebel Scum!!!

The below image is my amazing drawing skills of me with a lightsaber, not some demented balloon from a kids party.

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