IV iron infusion #1

Soooo I haven’t been posting as regularly as I would have hoped, my naughty stomach gremlins are on the prowl. I don’t know if its because I fed them after midnight or what but gizmo and his buddies aren’t happy.

Over the festive period I had my first iron infusion, I was scared. I had no idea what to expect or how I would feel. But I thought well I can’t feel any worse than I do now.

I was promptly dropped off at 8:10 in the morning at the hospital as we couldn’t find anywhere to park, I waved my partner goodbye and told him I’d be fine, he knew this was a lie as I get lost very easily and out of energy very quickly at the moment.

I walked for what seemed like forever, looking lost I stopped a nurse. She showed me the map, but that didn’t help I’m utterly useless with navigation. I felt like Alice in wonderland, turning this way and that.

I made it to the infusion suite just before my appointment, I was promptly shown to a chair. I was number 5. After sitting quietly for a few minutes and thinking about things – as I usually do, I thought what an idiot I am, this place is right near the endoscopy/colonoscopy unit that I visited earlier in the year. (I say visited I mean probed)

The nurses in the unit were lovely,  but understaffed and underfunded it seemed, and working long hours. They briefly explained what was going to happen, but the whole process was so smooth I didn’t need to worry. The line didn’t hurt, luckily I do not have a needle phobia and I was very comfortable.

The process took just over an hour. 30 mins for the iron iv and 30 mins for observation.

I also took some shameless selfies as I’m a curious little cretin much to people’s annoyance


Round 2 is coming up soon, I’ll keep you posted

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