Out of the “Gut”ter

Somedays my Crohns just feels like it wants to win, it can be a real struggle just to get out of bed in a morning and to carry on through a working day like everything is “Normal”.

When you haven’t slept a wink because you feel like dog poo warmed up, and your stomach is churning and you think you might vomit in the night – It IS a constant battle.

Today it has been particulaly pesky, and in the words of Gilderoy Lockhart Peskipiksi PesterCrohnie. (ok he didn’t say that in Harry Potter)

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM has been nagging at my every thought, poking my insides where no one can see. Every twinge has been a gut wrenching reminder that it isn’t going to sod of anytime soon however much I might wish it so.

I do however need to remind myself every now and again, when sanity takes over that I can pull myself out of the proverbial gutter (or drain whichever you prefer) No one can do that for me.

I AM IN CONTROL of MY LIFE – no matter how much the deranged lunatic that lives inside me thinks otherwise and that’s just my other personality. Joking aside IBD is a complex disease and takes alot of handling. I’d like to share what I do to try and stay sane.

Lets state the obvious: I write, write about what it is that bothering me, as when I talk sometimes my words get jumbled or I can’t quite articulate what I mean. Basically, I talk a load of old shit, but thats ok! It is better than the other kind of shit, oh wait……I have that too.

I also play games, not mind games (though I do like a good puzzle) hand me a controller, keyboard or mouse and I’m happy – It’s an escape into a world where I can pretend to be, or focus on something else.

Where the disease itself is concerned I micromanage it, pills now have a home (well most of time) I have a small washbag in my handbag for emergencies and I am trying to organise my appointments better. (evidence of amazon “stuff I’ve bought below”)

Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t but it makes me feel happier.

if you have any ideas to share or just want to give a general nod in this direction please drop me a comment.

Trotter over and out, for now.

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