Body Image – #GetYourBellyOut

Body Image – this is such an important issue – disease, illness or not.

I’ve always had a fook it kind of attitude in whether people like the way I look or not and for the most part I have been OK with how I look/feel about myself. Don’t get me wrong I have had my hang ups, my teeth for instance. I don’t like to smile in pictures so much, my teeth are large and I know it.

Since my diagnosis I feel alot more self concious about my weight, my appearance & MY ILLNESS. It has affected me in ways I never thought it would……

I feel fragile and vunerable, my hair is thinning from my medication and I’m thinner than I feel comfortable being in my own skin – I feel like the world is watching me to see if I will fall apart with the strain of it all. I WONT – I might wobble every now and again much like my belly.

I want to remember that everyone has hangs up about body image and how we look to ourselves and how we are percieved by others. THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT

Being HAPPY is IMPORTANT – being as HEALTHY (disease & all) as I can is IMPORTANT

Loving myself and all I am is IMPORTANT – that goes for scars, wibbles, wobbles and changes in weight/appearance.

No one is perfect SO BE YOURSELF – “WARTS AND ALL” as they say.

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