The Measure of Success

“The only real failure is the failure to try, and the measure of success is how we cope with disappoinment – Deborah Moggach”

I do try to hold this quote true to my heart. Life can be a struggle already, throw a chronic illness into that mix and all sanity can go out of the window.

But if I hold onto the truth that any achievement no matter how small is worth something and not to give myself a mental beat down when things either don’t go my way or how I expect them too I’m onto a winner.

So when I have a crohns accident (meaning I’ve shit myself) or I don’t manage to everything I wanted to in a day because fatigue has crept in, it’s OK.

And on those days when I feel like absolute crap and drag my ass into work, and maybe I have a little cry because things felt too much. I tried and that’s what counts.

I hope that this saying will ring true for many people in that we all experience disappointment, but it must not bring us down.


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