Belonging – Community

Having any illness or disease can be lonely. Now I have never been a social butterfly, but since my diagnosis and having periods of unwell where I haven’t felt like leaving the house and I have started to feel isolated and withdrawn. I joined the crohns and colitis facebook group to more understand that there were more people just like me who got IT, and understood what I was going through.

A year into my diagnosis and I have also joined as a member of Crohns & Colitis UK , I was unbelievably excited to recieve my pack from them that had my can’t wait card and Radar Key (neither of which I have used YET, but that doesn’t matter)

Just recently I got another publication from them for #walkit – a charity fund raising event, which I intend to sign up for and complete.

In the face of how this disease can make you want to hide away a sense of belonging & community can certainly help. I’m not saying shun your support network, whether that be friends, family or partners, but just to remember there is a whole network of others out there JUST LIKE YOU should you wish to access it.

We didn’t have a choice in getting this disease but we certainly do have a choice not to suffer in silence and get the support we so desperately need, TOGETHER.

Crohns and Colitis UK

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