On saturday morning I was helping marshall a walking event with the Mothers Union group, after the walk I got talking to a few of the members about Crohns and that I had it. One lady mentioned that it would be really good if I could come to a mothers union evening and talk about the disease.

She rightly explained that many people have heard of it but are scared to ask questions in case the other person gets upset. A few others were in agreement it would be good if I could discuss.

Now if I’m totally honest I hate talking in front of groups of people, I become terrible shy and embarrassed and usually tumble on my words. But I feel with this particular subject I obviously have knowledge of it, I live it everyday. And this is a massive opportunity for me to put foward the challenges of living with IBD and educate people away from some of the stigma that surrounds Crohn’s & Colitis.

I have until next year anyway to make something that will do our community justice, but I am happy that I get to create some AWARENESS outside of those living with it.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments, ideas are want to share what you have done or are doing that would be great too!!!!


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  1. theasiangut says:

    Since you get shy when talking in of people, I think the best idea would be to focus your advocacy/spreading of awareness in a more local sense…maybe you could just start by telling friends when conversing with them? (It does more than you think)


    1. Thanks. This is in a local sense but still a few more people than I normally talk in front of. I am not shy in telling people I have crohns at all. Most people I meet I tell haha

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