Chronie in York

This weekend I went away for a day/night in York. It struck me as I was packing how much we have to pre plan when living with a chronic illness. I didn’t book a hostel as I was worried about the toilet facilities and I was carrying more pills than than the what felt like the local pharmacy.

On the car journey my stomach started playing up in slow moving traffic, immense pain that came in waves. I also had to do a few mad dashes while in york to the local pubs to use the toilet facilities. I even used my Radar Key for the first time to open a disabled toilet that I spotted had the national key scheme on it.

Despite my crohns making an appearance quite regularly I had a really great weekend. I was determined that I wasn’t going to allow IBD to rule my life. Yes, I am currently on medication that has allowed some of symptons to calm down and Yes, I had to make adjustments while I was out, but still came away knowing I can still have good times while living with IBD.

It can limit me at times, but it will never take my freedom! You can still live a full life with a chronic disease. Keep fighting all you amazing warriors.

Live, love and be happy

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