Pain is such a Drain

Wow, Sorry I have not updated in so long. had such a busy summer, when IBD isn’t get in the way I’m out enjoying life.

Now the darker nights are creeping in, I find I’m spending more time in doors and unfortunately more time in pain.

I find at the moment I suffer really badly from joint pain in the colder months. I was diagnosed this year with Arthralgia in my hands and osteaoarthritis in my feet.

Being in pain most of the time really does wear you down, and can then start to have an impact on how you feel in yourself and sometimes I find this can spiral out of control. To add to this I’m pretty convinced that when British summer time ends that I have seasonal adjustment disorder as for the past two years I have been very down until around march time.

I’m not writing this to throw a pity party for myself but just to say it can really tough when you have IBD as pain isn’t something that can be seen.

I find lots of hot baths help and have to rely on paracetamol for pain relief as can’t touch much else. What are your tips for coping with pain?

I know this year I am really going to try and reach out to my family and talk about things rather than bottling it up and gonna grab myself a UV light for work to see if that helps.

Drop a comment if you have any thoughts on this or whether this is something you relate too.

Trotter out….for now

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I hope you managed to cheer up a little for Christmas and adjust to the darker days. I have been practising reiki healing therapy for the past 3 years and it has helped me to cope with my eye pain much better. Talking about your feelings is definitely a must, because otherwise people won’t know what is bothering you. Season’s Greetings!


    1. Thank your kind reply. I have good days and bad days. I’m glad you have found solace in something that helps you. I can’t say I feel great at the moment or I would be lying. I have found I really enjoy bullet journalling at the moment , it takes my mind of some things and helps me focus. All the best for 2020


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