War & Peace – The Flare Up

Things had been going reletively smoothly for me this year symptom wise, I felt like a stable human being thanks to my medication of Azathioprine and Adamimulab and my body felt at peace for the most part.

About 3 weeks ago I got a cold, I was also working quite hard at work, now I have no idea if any of these factors contributed as its can be hard to tell with my Crohn’s but I am now flaring, it feels like the war has now just began on my immune system.

This time round it started last Saturday the 12th with some acute pain which switched between my lower right and lower left side on my abdomen and joint pain.

I decided to leave it a few days to see if it was something that would settle on it’s own, unfortunately it didn’t. Now the next step is how soon is to soon for medical intervention.

I’m really bad at judging this, I have been in so much pain before or had other symptoms dismissed by medical professionals that I am rather hesistant to seek help sometimes early on, Also I can be stubborn so try to see if I can alleviate my own symptoms first.

I have been using alot of heat therapy courtesy of my wheat bag owl and also them stick on heat pads. I’ve tried paracetemol to no avail.

Wednesday I left a message for my IBD nurses to see whether I should go to my GP or how to proceed, I have a fantastic IBD team at my local hospital, while a small team are very good at getting back to me and being helpful.

I’ve been posted a care package to take to the doctors on friday the 25th , not really what I wanted was hoping for a spa day or some bath salts but beggers can’t be choosers as they say and I’m booked in for a barrage of blood tests, Feacal Calproctin and a blood test to check my antibodies against my Amgevita.

Now I am trying to rest as much as I can whilst working full time, I am lucky to have such a great employer who are very understanding to my IBD. And at my partner is helping me at home making my tea (in all fairness he normally does this) and heating up my wheat bag.

Tomorrow I will start an 8 week course of Budesonide steroids and see how it goes. And once I’ve had all my tests await the results.

I can’t say it’s easy flaring again when I’ve been as well as I have, I was lulled into a false sense of security. I’m not too shocked though as I know it’s the nature of IBD, and at least I know exactly what it is I’ve got.

Juts wanted to share my recent roadblock and hopefully it will move on soon.

If anyone has any helpful comments of how they deal with a flare please drop me a comment, love know other peoples tricks or things that make them feel better or more comfortable.

The Daily Trotter our for now…….

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