Life Rules & Inspirational Quotes

If you came here looking for some profoundly deep quotes then sorry I misled you….I mean the title of my blog says it all.

However what you will find is some good humour and hopefully a new motto.

My rules and quotes might be little jumbled but stick with me.

The first rule of fight club is….oh crap wrong thing. The first rule of life is………

  1. Don’t be a dick (this one is that simple and should be followed religiously unless someone is dissing your illness is which case permission to be a dick granted)
  2. Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down (very important in life as we always get back up)
  3. Don’t eat yellow snow (that’s just a tip thought I’d throw it in there)
  4. It’s only temporary (I use the as little pep talk to myself when things aren’t going well)
  5. Never bite the hand that feeds you (did this once my boyfriend was not impressed)
  6. If you haven’t nearly shit yourself then it’s a good day

I could write pages and pages for this blog post or save quotes, mottos and memes from the internet until the cows come home but I won’t today.

If you have any sayings that you like or quotes, either funny or serious I’m not precious please share with me in the comments 🙂

Trotter out….

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