Quantifying Self Worth

How do you quantify self worth? The short answer is you can’t. We live in a society where our need to be validated can have such an impact on our self worth.

I’m writing this post from a place where I sometimes I have to check myself from getting wrapped up in the amount of likes a post gets from different platforms. As though this some how validates my reasons for writing in the first place. And should it not be well received, judging whether it’s a reflection on my bad writing or the wrong audience? Or my titles are not snappy enough or too snappy.

But then I remember I write for me, whether it is a silly little poem or my scrapbooking/journaling. Who cares if I can’t draw or dazzle people with my creations.

I do these things for the love of them and for my own self fulfilment. I love nothing more than transporting my thoughts into words. It helps me focus, and reflect at different stages throughout my life.

If you are ever hesitating starting something new for the fear of failure or how many likes It will gain you, please just start.

It doesn’t have to be great, or a masterpiece, this goes for any sort of hobby.

Just go for it, do it for you.

Happy Trotting Guys n Gals.