Battery Low – Taking time to Recharge

When you are running on empty and need to recharge….

I was diagnosed 3 years ago, its be a rollercoaster, there have be times I thought I’d been beat and somehow found some inner strength I didn’t know I had just to keep going.

Recently I have been feeling completely drained, like I’m just running on nothing but fumes. And like a dead battery without charge I feel like once I stop that’s it I’m just not going to be able to get going again. I’ll be done, ringing that bell for surrender in the wrestling ring, completely tapped out.

I think I have been so emotionally and physically drained that my body felt like it was just done. Heavy legs, finding it harder to get out of bed even though I still have gone to work.

I’ve been so focused on just moving forward that I have forgotten to recharge along the way.

This may seem like a really cryptic post but it really isn’t, I know I have been more than just tired, it’s like a lead weight has been attached and I’m dragging along some extra pounds making it harder to function as I’m going about my daily life. But at the end of most days I have had nothing left in the tank to do much else than sit on my backside.

I need to listen to my body and take time for me, so I’ve booked a night away with my partner to get away from the humdrum of external distractions to focus on relaxing. Something of which I am not very good at.

Take care, your emotional health is just as important as your physical xxx Trotter out…..

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