Missing Out

Having a chronic illness can mean that I have to miss out of things sometimes. Whether that be social engagements that I cancel or just general things I want to do but can’t always due to my Illness.

I have never had much of an active social life, but enjoy a nice meal out with friends and a few drinks. Sometimes a concert if a band I liked was playing. Or something as simple as a trip to the cinema.

When I first got diagnosed I would still burn the candle at both ends, by that I mean I wouldn’t slow down when I knew my body was telling me I had too.

A few years on I have realised sometimes you just have to put things on hold or delay them, even if it is a day or two. Sometimes I say no to things because they are going to require me to expend energy that I do not have at the time.

I do feel every now and then that I am missing out on fun, but I am still very fortunate enough to do alot of things that I still want to do, like go on holiday.

Life seems to travel at 1000mph and when you have an lifelong illness and when it is at some of its worst, it is like you kinda of have to hit the pause button on yourself, while the world still spinds around you.

So while I sit snug in my PJ’s, I can look forward to those good days where I can ignore my illness and just have fun.

Drop me a comment if you can relate xxx






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  1. Brad McAuliffe says:

    Hey I’m sorry it took so long for me to find your comment but I can’t thank you enough, it really spun me out that someone was actively reading my stuff and wanted to comment on it! What you just wrote really hits home for me too. I get bummed out being alone when friends are partying and I’m sick but I have my worst days when I try to keep pushing myself when my body tells me to stop. I think with experience and time we learn to manage it better and even though missing things sucks we feel a lot better for it 🙂

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    1. Thanks Brad, No Worries about the comment 🙂 Life doesnt move around the internet but thank you. Ye, the longer with live with our illness the more we learn about ourselves and it. Happy trekking, here’s to more good days


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