Accidents – Whoops I did it again

I’m going to start this off with a silly poem I wrote:

I was happily watching the air show

When I felt like I needed to blow

I squeezed out a fart

and it gave me a start

Right into my knickers did it go


So off did I toddle

with a clench and a waddle

The story of how I destroyed my knickers at the air show


Being diagnosed with Crohn’s is challenging, but add into that the urgency of bowel movements and also the uncertainty of when and where it strikes.

I have had my fair share of “accidents” before I got the right balance of medication, and I am sure those won’t be my last.

The feelings that went the accidents, were shame, guilt and high degree of embarrasment.

The lowest was actually in my own home, and this was very early on in my crohn’s journey. I was asleep in the spare bed as I had horrendous pains earlier, when I finally did fall asleep, I was later rudely awakened by shitting the bed. Sorry to be crude but it is what it is. I was horrified, I made my way to the bathroom in the early hours of the morning, I was covered in my own filth on my legs and it was on the carpet. I was crying alot.

My boyfriend heard me crying and through the tears I explained what had happened and he just came and said I didn’t need to cry and cleaned up.

This was a turning point, while I don’t enjoy having accidents and I can say I don’t make a habit of just going oh well it’s happened again and just go for it wherever I am. It certainly made an impact on how I cope, it is still stressfull when it does happen (although I havn’t been in that situation for a while) come close though, sorry maybe TMI.

But the point is I have a bowel disease, and sometimes accidents happen and of course we don’t really want to talk about it, some of things are deemed too taboo for converasation.

But I can laugh about some of those situations I’ve been in, well after the event that is!

And of course I always carry a spare pair of knickers, and never trust a fart!


Share your stories of incidents in the comments if you like

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