You don’t look sick? What exactly does sick look like?

You can see someone in a wheelchair or using walking aids, or those with a physical sign of injury/disability, it’s there for better or worse for all to see.

Hidden disabilities are a different kettle of fish. You can’t see it on the surface, but underneath……….

20200213_220816This is me and just a small portion of what my hidden disability consists of.

These are things that others don’t see.

They don’t see the pain or the anxiety when I’m changing to new meds or my symptoms are flaring. They don’t see my faulty immune system attacking my digestive tract because it cannot understand which are healthy cells and which are not.

They don’t see the tears and dark thoughts when I cannott see an end to the way I’m feeling.

And they don’t see the struggle and fight that goes on everyday from a disease that is never going to go away.

Now I will grant you having an invisible illness means you can hide in plain sight, but this isn’t always a good thing.

People like to see things to able to quantify them. But as the saying goes “Don’t judge a book by its cover”

You never know what’s Underneath 

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