It’s OK to Feel

You are allowed to feel, I often beat myself up for feeling a certain way and almost keep forgetting that my feelings and behaviour are 2 separate things.

While your feelings can impact your behaviour in a big way, I know for me it can be hard to not let one dictate the other.

I think in the society we live in now there is alot of , oh there are people worse off than you, it could be worse so think positive and look on the bright side of life, da da da da da da.

But then I remember that is all good and well but it isn’t going to cure my IBD and it isn’t going to stop the pain.

I feel bad if I have an off day like there is an expectation to be perceived as a happy functioning member of society. This can spiral out of control for me very quickly when I am feeling truly ill, causing high anxiety and panic attacks when I least expect it.

I know that alot of this expectation I place on myself and that it is completely unrealistic.
Sometimes I need to wallow or vent.
And I must remember these are MY feelings and that’s ok but it’s my actions that define me not the voices in my head.

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