Bad Day Bear

One year Crohn’s and Colitis were running a competition for shorts stories, I never submitted mine so I’ve decided to publish it here.


“It was a bad day” said bear.

Bear’s family rolled their eyes, it was not unusual for this to be said, and bear was known in the community as bad day bear, as sort of nickname if you will.

“oh not again!” said Big Beardy Bear “did you eat something funny again, like those berries?”

“Noooooooooo” said bear glumly. She had eaten the same as all the other bears that day, given it was it was put out by the nice human that came around to feed them.

Gloop, Gurlge, fizzzzzzzz went bear’s stomach, it did that a lot, and then came the pain.

“Ooooomph” bear slumped down on the cool rock a little away from the others, she was very tired and every inch of her body and fur bristled with pain, things had been getting worse recently, but she didn’t want to tell the others as it was embarrassing and different.

Gloop, Gurlge, fizzzzzzzz “uh oh” thought bear, she pulled herself up and dashed off into the bushes, it was her 20th toilet visit so far.

“Where have you been? You’ve missed the fish, I ate what was left as you were gone so long” announced Big beardy Bear.

“I was chasing rabbits in the bush!” Bear snapped, the truth was too hard to tell.

As time went by bear was getting smaller, it was too painful to eat. Each bite felt like rocks in her stomach and she had no energy to play with the other bears as they frolicked in the water.

The humans came one day and put bear in a van, she went somewhere new, away from the other bears, where sharp things were poked at her and bear came over with this strange woozy feeling as something odd wiggled through her insides.

When bear came back, the other Bears didn’t know what to do this was not the bear they had known, they don’t remember when she got so sick, but they did know it hadn’t always been that way.

“We were so worried when they took you away” said one of the Bears “we didn’t know if you were coming back, what happened?”

bear was still a little confused she never much understood what the humans said, it was a lot of jumble and gobble dee gook, but these words were different – Crohn’s disease, they’d said, what was it….

The next morning bear awoke, she had something new with her food, 8 little white discs that the other bears didn’t have. bear didn’t much like the taste and they were hard to swallow, and that night she didn’t sleep very well either.

This day repeated for what seemed like a very long time for bear, but she was feeling a little bit stronger and in less pain than before.

The other Bears noticed too, they saw that she ran off into the bushes less, she was also less grumpy and some days she was even smiling.

“Good day, bear” said Big beardy bear to bear.

“It was wasn’t it” said bear “Today was a good day” as she splashed around in the water with the other bears.

And while the tablets continued for bear and changed over the years, it took guts to live with Crohn’s disease always being a little bit different. But now bear was having more good days than bad days.




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  1. patuttie says:

    I want to give the bear a big hug 🤗


  2. Optimistinhell says:

    I love your story!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much xx


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