Tipping the scales – Weight & IBD

Lets face it many of us aren’t happy with our bodies or our weight, it’s hard to find a balance of feeling too fat or too thin.

Back when I first got diagnosed I weighed 7st 3lbs, and I felt so weak and I hardly recognised myself in the mirror anymore. Pre diagnosis I weighed 8st 7lbs and I never really fluctuated away from this.

The weight loss was of course caused by many toilet trips and I just wasn’t eating. I wanted too, but just physically couldn’t. I’d take like 3 bites of my meal and feel full and also eating caused horrendous pains when anything passed through my inflamed bowels.

I’ve never really had the best relationship with food, being a very fussy eater but never had any kind of eating disorder, but I was started getting scared of eating due to the amount of pain I was in and resorted to eating things like rice pudding and anything mushy just to get some kind of sustenance.

After diagnosis I think at the end of that year I was referred to a dietician, I was massively skeptical that they wouldn’t be able to help me as my track record with medical professionals being helpful wasn’t great.

I was pleasantly surprised, the person I saw had some great knoweldge about my disease and things to avoid. They recommended a Low Fibre diet but also started me on some Meal replacement drinks called Fresubin so that if I was struggling eating I could use these aswell.

I was even told to eat more cake ha!! that was a first.

I slowly started to gain weight.

Now I’m 3 years on and I feel I’ve tipped the scales in the other direction, I’m just slightly overweight. I’m certainly not comfortable with current body fat.

With my medication now keeping my symptoms mainly in check and having no problems eating or retaining my food the pounds have piled on a bit.

I also have a penchant for naughty takeaway, which obviously doesn’t help my waistline at all! love a good garlic bread and chips or Chinese takeaway, mmm (sorry carried away)

There does seem to be a misconception with IBD that everyone is super thin, which just isn’t true, many of us are at different stages with our disease and have different levels of activity.

And usually we recieve many unhelpful comments about our weight, some people even say we look great when we are so thin we feel like a walking corpse. I used to be so upset when people mentioned my weight when I was diagnosed I already hated myself and people bringing it was just super painful.

I’m currently trying to excercise at least 4 days a week for over 30 mins, not a lot but it’s better than nothing. I’m using my Nintendo Switch and the ring fit adventure to get me moving, it will never been a gym workout but it does get me moving and sweating still.

I think I just wanted to say whatever my weight, I should try and not to be to hard on myself. Managing IBD is like walking a tightrope at times, without worrying about weight aswell.

But I’m trying to put that damn cake down and move a bit more. Small changes.

Reduce your footprint — Jenna Carando

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