State of Health

I very rarely post about feeling well, I find it curse as such. I’m not even superstitious. But yet when I say “Yeah I’ve been feeling really good” Wham! Crohn’s comes and punches me right in the gut, a not so gentle reminder that my disease is in fact still there.

I had a colonoscopy in June, my second one in 4 years. This time though it wasn’t for a diagnosis only to have a look at the internal goings on and disease progression. I probably could have done with it a lot sooner in December 19 when things weren’t going so well.

The Prep again was torturous, I kept being sick, not so great when you need the horrible stuff to stay down. I tried a new method, standing at the kitchen sink with a bottle of Apple Juice, I took a great big swig of it held it in my mouth and slurped the prep through a straw. I call it the “Chug and Glug” method. It certainly helped alleviate some of the foul taste of the prep.

I also felt a lot more spaced out from the sedation this time, unsure if this is because I didn’t have a good view of the screen so my mind was just left wandering.

I was really concerned about attending the hospital in the middle of a global pandemic, but I felt safe when I got there. It was suprisingly quiet on the patient front where I was anyway and everyone was wearing PPE and making sure they were social distancing.

I had a letter last month from my consultant to confirm that there was no active inflammation and to continue my injections as normal. So some really good news.

I know this isn’t the case for everyone but if you are struggling with symptoms I really do hope that you get some relief that you need.

I know that this feeling of good health won’t last but I’m certainly going to make the most out of it while I can.

Trotter out, for now!

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