Planner Addict

My name is Kelly and I’m a planner addict.

There I said it. I love pretending to organise my life, and what I mean by pretending is that I bought all the stuff and while I have every intention of planning ahead and logging appointments etc I really just love sticking beautiful stickers in my planner.

It started last year when I bought a wall calendar that came with some cheap stickers. Gotta tell ya stickers aren’t just for kids, thats what I tell myself anyway- its fun!

Then I moved onto the trusty filofax but this wasn’t big enough so I bought a larger one from Carpe Diem.

Then I also bought a cheap journal for testing out some layouts and pens and then the amount of things I had for planning and journalling escalated.

Signs I know I have a problem

1. I own more than one planner- I have 2 planners. Started with the tiny filofax, I have 3 journals, extra inserts and meal planners

2. Pens, Pens and moooore Pens – coz of course there is the cheap set of testers. Then fineliners in all colours of the rainbow. Highlighters in funky colours, metallics and gel pens. Think my fave brand is stabilo

3. Washi Tape – this is more for the journalling. It’s like pretty masking tape and comes in all sorts of amazing designs and helps spruce up boring pages.

4. Stickers! – these are my biggest downfall, I have so many beautiful washi stickers and lots of planner ones which you can get for different categories from budget planning to day to day chores to motivational stickers. There is just something really satisfying about peeling them off and sticking them into the planner.

To be honest not had much use for the planner this year with lockdown and staying home a lot. But had it back out after gathering dust for a while and so hears to future planning.

Drop a comment of you enjoy planning or journaling, I find they can be especially useful when you have a chronic illness to track symptoms, moods and appointments