When the world changed – how the pandemic has affected me

The current global pandemic has affected us all, even if some of us have be lucky enough stay safe and not contract Covid-19.

But I think on how the pandemic has affected me directly.

I started working from home on the 16th March following Boris Johnson first update. My work decided this was the safest thing as I fall into the extremely vulnerable category due to Crohn’s disease.

I was originally still popping to Asda on weekends to do my shopping and my mother in laws. This is something I normally did online but as all the slots were booked up and hardly any food on the shelves we didn’t have much choice.

Once I received my shielding letter, I stopped going out and spent my time staring at the same 4 walls, but at least I was still working to keep me occupied.

I feel incredibly lucky that I have been able to keep on working during these times as I know many people have been either put on furlough or people who have lost their jobs.

For many months though I despised working from home, even though I’m not much of a chatterbox at work, but I’ve missed the normal office humdrum. I’m over that now and settled into a routine as this being the norm for now.

It can still get pretty lonely when you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off, or share your work pains with, at the beginning my partner was also home so I used to whinge at him.

Some of the positives are that even when my symptoms are playing up, I can wear some comfy pants and put on my fluffy slippers and not worry about running to the loo as I’m in the comfort of my own home.

I also don’t have to get out of bed as early, so that’s a big plus as I’m really not a morning person. I’m a not very personable chewbacca when it’s early.

The social aspect has to be the biggest impact though for me. Both at home and in work.

My social life wasn’t all that spectacular before lockdown, but I miss game nights at my friends and having a laugh with them.

We carried on our Friday night dungeons and dragons games online but it just isn’t the same as sitting round a table with all our snacks and laughing with each other.

I also miss going on holiday and sitting in the sunshine with a nice cocktail in hand, but these things can wait for now, they aren’t essential and I know all too well about cancelling plans and putting life on pause due to my disease.

But this time the world had to hit pause and that’s when the world changed.

So let’s see what the future brings, and here’s to hoping it’s not having to dodge each other like we have the plague.

Trotter out

How has the pandemic affected you? Drop me a comment if you want to share.

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