My Creature Comforts

We all have our creature comforts in life, those things that we really just don’t want to do without. When I’m feeling unwell and a bit grotty I just want to be comfy, so snuggly Pj’s, fluffy slippers and my big knickers make me comfy, I totally can’t wear these at work I’d definitely get some funny looks in the office (except the big knickers nobody has to know!!!) Over 3 years of having Crohn’s disease I have found some things I just wouldn’t want to be without:

  • Nice toilet roll – and lots of it

There is just no need for crappy bog roll, excuse the pun – I do not want to feel like I’m wiping my butt on sandpaper or poking a finger through a very thin piece *shudder – so nice toilet roll is a must not a luxury

  • Hot water bottle/Wheat bags

I spend a lot of time in pain with my stomach and those disposable heat pads cost and absolute fortune, so having a hot water bottle or my wheat bags saves me lots of cash, and is easily accesible and saves the planet. Win Win

  • A Warm Snuggly Blanket

When I am not at work, I spend a lot of time on the sofa so a good warm blanket is essential. Plus, I am forever getting cold so I use a blanket a lot on my knees when watching TV or using my laptop. Also great when your feeling under the weather and can snuggle up.

  • Over the Counter Medicine

Paracetemol, Loperamide, Rennies – I have all these in my handbag and I don’t like running out so keep as stock at home for refills (tip here either buy in bulk or find a shop like home bargains if your in the UK to save on the pennies)

  • Lip balm

I prefer something plain like aloe vera or burts bees to keep my lips soft and stop them from cracking especially in winter

  • Orajel

I don’t use this as much I used too but I have to have a tube of this, works better on Ulcers than bonjela and I used to suffer with so many due active inflammation. Now I am on proper meds it’s very rare I get ulcers but just in case

  • Support groups

Now I suppose this isn’t an item, but these groups for IBD have been invaluable over the years – they have a Facebook group

and recently I have joined who also have a FB group and are a lovely bunch of people.

  • My Journal/Planner

I find jotting in my journal very therapeutic and using a planner helps me organise myself (that’s what I pretend anyway)

I obviously wouldn’t be without my boyfriend and family but that goes without saying, these were more about my creature comforts that make living with IBD a little more bearable.

What things would you not be without when it comes to illness? Drop me a message would love to hear other people’s go to items.

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  1. Glitteryguts says:

    This is so on point! If whenever I am admitted to hospital or if im going for surgery I HAVE to take my blankie with me. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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