Mental Health Matters

When we say it’s important to look after our mental health this doesn’t just apply to people who have a history of depression or anxiety. We all have a mind, and when things go out of balance can cause us distress both mentally and physically.

I think it’s equally important for everyone to look after their mental health whether they think they are prone to problems or not.

For me I had issues around 16 years old, for the most part as a teenager I was a pretty decent less angry human being. I got bullied alot during high school, I also would say I didn’t have the best of childhoods. We all have our problems right?

I feel I was never that close to my family we didn’t hug or talk about our feelings, I’m not saying this is the whole reason for what comes next but it was a part of it.

At 16 I began self harming, I would cut myself with knives, broken glass, razors. I did it in secret and mainly on places less easy to see like my legs and my arms.

It became a way to express my frustration at not being able to articulate my feelings to people and to express my anguish and pain that I was feeling. It was an outlet if you will for my angst. It also helped me feel, sometimes I enjoyed the pain it reminded me I was human and that I wasn’t just an empty husk of a person. I was never serious in the intent to try and end my life this way, it was an expression and also a cry for help.

Things over my 20 settled down and I was no longer self harming or getting having as many angry outbursts.

Fast forward into my 30s where I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, this took its toll on my mental health. Not only was I having physical symptoms to contend with but it really took a toll on my psychie. Being in pain really wears you down, to the point where I just wanted to give up.

I also experienced some meds psychosis and side effects from steroids that really affected my mood dramatically. I was crying all the time or the time or super angry. I felt like Jekyll and Hyde.

Over the past few years I’ve suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder as I have written about in a previous post blog post. This is known as winter depression and looking back it was pretty serious.

Aside from all of these things the stresses of work/life balance, relationships, illness, financial/living situation can all takes its toll on our mental health. And not to to mention the modern day pressures of social media and the media in general. Which can distort our sense of self and the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

The current global pandemic is also having an effect on mental health due to social isolation, lockdowns and the virus itself.

So we should take time for ourselves, to wind down and process our thoughts and feelings. It isn’t selfish to focus on yourself once in a while, after all you are the person living life and experiencing all these thoughts and feelings.

For me as you’ve guessed writing is a big part of helping my mental health. Even if sometimes it may seem like rambling. I have found it a useful and healthy way to discuss my feelings with myself and accept them as part of me.

Everyone one is different and will use a different approach, I think as long as whatever it is, is not detrimental to your health and overall wellbeing then have at it.

Yoga, meditation – Counselling or meds. Even a good catch with your friends and family can be a huge help. Or it could be as simple as taking a hot bath or shower, walking in nature or reading a good book.

Nurture yourself and watch that beautiful mind blossom.

*Trotter – Over and Out

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  1. Akriti Jain says:

    Great article 👏 . I too find writing very therapeutic and it really helps in discovering and accepting ourselves in all honestly…. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading and the comment. I really does it helps us filter and process those thoughts and feelings. Well it does for me anyways. I have always felt more comfortable writing my emotions than actually speaking them out loud.


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