My Happy Planner – Starting my Journey

I recently bought myself a Happy Planner, I know I know I already own one too many!

Attested to in my previous post

But bear with me, Grrrrrr (get it?)

The reason I like this one so far is that it seems so customisable. The pages are easily removed and added back with the discs that it has.

I am hoping to make it a bit more functional for myself rather than just decorative, but that all depends on the effort I put in.

So far I’m using a classic sized planner, with a vertical layout. Got mine from Amazon UK (smile for the added Crohns charity donation bonus) but shop around. You can buy from happy planner directly, or FB groups, ebay etc.

I think I need to determine exactly what I want to get out of this planner, besides the pure joy of adding stickers. I think I’m going to have to do lists, finance and mood and symptom tracking at a glance where I can see it in my vertical layouts week on week.

I may purchase an extension pack as they call them which is like an add on specifically designed for a category like wellness or budget planning. But this would then mean flipping to these sections separately.

The fab news is I can jiggle it all around easily and when the need arises (not talking about my wobbly bits, and there’s a few)

I am very excited about my foray into this type of planner and hope I keep using it regularly.

Here are my first few layouts. This is mainly before I have added lots of extra written things in and cute stickers as the week has gone on

Downside, the planner doesn’t have a pen holder on it, so I improvised and made my own using glue dots and some elastic off a sticker book. I’m sure I have seen covers that the planner goes inside that have pen holders but it will do in the meantime.

Well I could waffle all day about this but I don’t want to bore you too much or scare you off.

Happy Planning, Trotter over and out.

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  1. Dydy says:

    Thanks for the write-up. Can’t wait to see more updates om decorating. Meanwhile Zulily just started their monthly sales yesterday, and they still have over 300 HP products for sale. They are the cheapest supplier of HP stuffs to date, just that it takes a week to a month to get delivery.

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