My Game Review – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

So what do you do with a weeks annual leave when you’re in Lockdown and Clinically Extremely Vunerable? Besides DIY?

Well I can tell you what I did with alot of it, I played Computer Games! FTW

I recently bought Assasins creed Valhalla for the PC. I haven’t played all the assassin’s creed games, but I did play Odyssey.

My fella played some of the others and while they looked amazing I felt they didn’t have all the qualities I wanted in a game. Like playing a female character by choice (yes I can and do play males in games, but it’s nice to have a choice) being a boobed lady myself.

Eivor Valhalla

I don’t want to give too many spoilers so I will give an overview.

I’m playing as a female viking called Eivor and you get to raid and build up a settlement.

What I like about it

  • It’s open world – you can go between a few different places and while some areas seem harder you can wander about alot
  • Lots to do and see – main quests, side quests, treasure, collections, contracts
  • It is breathtaking – I can stare at the landscapes for hours they are well crafted, aesthetic and interactive
  • Ships, horses, animals, crew – what more could a girl want than to customise her longboat in Valkeryie Colours, Ride a Pegasus, Pet all the dogs and interact with fake human counterparts. Notice how I add that last (anti social much)
  • I have a homebase to call my own, which I can upgrade and decorate!!! (Game DIY yay)
  • Raiding and just pillinging, I’m a respectful Viking Invader after all
  • It is based alot in England – I’m English so it calls to me despite many English being evil, and I get to murder some of the fanatics and church goers

I honestly could go on and on about why I am enjoying this game, I have seen quite a few negative reviews about people moaning about it being repative. While I can see alot of the points made, it still has alot going for it and if I’m enjoying I really don’t really care about the rest.

I’m off to go a Viking – To Valhalla my friends!!!!! Trotter Out.

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