Day 1 2020 Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Week – My Story

It’s all about me, why not this is my journey after all.

My name is Kelly and I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in March 2017.
So, when did I know something was really wrong?

I had suffered from mouth ulcers for most of my adult life and had lots of stomach issues which was put down to IBS through early adulthood.

In 2016 things became much worse and I was making more frequent and urgent trips to the bathroom, I had severe stomach pain on a regular basis and I had blood and mucous in my stools, as well as undigested food.
On the worst days I was going to the toilet up to 20 times a day if not more and I was having accidents as a result. As a grown woman this was highly embarrassing and soul destroying.

I had multiple appointments which was again put down to severe IBS and was treated as such.

Things didn’t improve and by Christmas of 2016 I weighed 7 stone and I felt a shadow of my former self – after an ultrasound scan only showing an inflamed liver I was referred onto a Gastro Consultant.

He listened to my concerns, I also noted that my mother died from stomach cancer – at the time he just wanted to put my mind at ease that it was nothing serious.

I was sent for a colonoscopy in early 2017, where they found ulceration in my Terminal Ileum, the nurse said it looked like Crohn’s disease (I’d never even heard of it before), but I would need to wait for the histology results back from the biopsies they had taken to be sure.

8 weeks later my results weren’t back but I was so unwell my consultant agreed that from the photos it was Crohn’s disease.

I was put on a multitude of medications at the start mainly an 8-week course of steroids to calm things down and then maintenance drugs. Many medications didn’t work for me until I found a balance of Azathioprine and Amgevita – fortnightly Injections.
My injections have really helped give me back my spark and lessened my symptoms so that some days I even feel like a normal human being again.

Living with IBD has many challenges but I have embraced my new normal (for the most part) and haven’t given up on loving life just yet.

My diagnosis has definately taught me that I have to focus on the good days and to be kinder to myself on the bad days, taking time for myself is not failing or being selfish.

Acceptance has been the biggest key for dealing with my illness.

Kindness and Hugs to all, Trotter out for now x

The Many Faces of IBD

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  1. patuttie says:

    You go girl! 💜

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  2. Gibberish says:

    How brave of you to share your journey with us… more power to you girl 🙌😎

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I started this a bit of like therapy to my self after diagnosis. And on the plus its great to connect with others who are going through or have gone through similar experiences 💜

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      1. Gibberish says:

        I can totally get it….most of us here are here to deal with something or the other.. like an avenue to express ourseleves and deal with things…happy to meet you 🤗🤗


  3. Gordon Pride says:

    Yes it is all about accepting your illness and do something to keep up with life. Your story is an inspiration for many. I bet!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, sometimes it seems trivial in comparison but then I remember what I went through before diagnosis. Cheers for the comment and the view


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