Digital Downtime

When it pings it stings. That sounds like some really bad injury.

While I don’t agree with new years resolutions (here goes am I making one?) Does anyone else sometimes find all the alerts we get in life exhausting.

I go through periods where it’s fine and I don’t feel like a slave to technology, I just ignore it, and then others times it really bums me out and I have to unsubscribe from a bunch of things, delete stuff. Stop notifications etc.

Over this lull at Christmas I blitzed my personal emails, old stuff, it the bin! Deleted a bunch of Facebook trash and downloaded my data for my safe keeping. Ahh felt good.

Writing this especially on a digital platform I sound like a bit of a loon and hypocrit, but a good digital detox is really good for the soul. Well it is for mine anyway

We have so many platforms to reach people on now, email, zoom, teams, fb, twitter, insta. The list is alot bigger and all the while ping ping ping, PAY ME ATTENTION. The notifications that is, not the people.

Well for the moment and at my discretion, alerts can feck off. Unless its telling me I have to get up for work or something. And then that can feck off too.

If it doesn’t serve you, ditch it!

Daily Rambling over and out.

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  1. Gibberish says:

    Couldn’t agree more… digital decluttering has become essential these days..atleast once a while.

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