Happy Planner – My Updated Planner Needs

Shocker, I have bought more Happy Planner items that I need to use – some of which hasn’t arrived yet. (totally not going to admit how much I’ve spent since October) #planneraddict

I started with a vertical classic happy planner undated which I am still using. I also bought myself some lovely metal purple discs. I love these, as the purple represents my invisible illness well. I also took my wellness notebook apart and I am now using those covers for my planner.  Along with a beautiful Jester Lavore vinyl sticker from Critical Role stuck on the front,  of course combine your hobbies!


I have at times felt a little overwhelmed, as while I love planning, I don’t always have alot of energy after work or even on days off or evenings and feel guilty if my planner just sits there. So I had to make it work for me.

I have decided for now while not much is happening life wise (lockdown/shielding) to use a monthly layout from the main planner as an overview of things I want to track. Birthdays, appointments , special holidays, paydays etc

And I have list paper in the front for all my listing needs (shopping, and more shopping) and I’m using the wellness extension inserts for the day to day reflection, symptom tracking and thoughts etc. (oh dear and old photo there has since been symptoms added)


I also have in the back note paper which I have combined into the planner.

The beauty about HP is, I can adapt it to my needs. If it isn’t working anymore or my needs change I will simply reorder the layout.

I could spend time sticking hundreds of stickers in, and while I love the idea of it. I’m not sure I am dedicated enough to put that kind of time in.  Again this could change as I know you get out what you put in, but I just don’t want using it to be a chore.

I am really happy I found this discbound system as normal notebooks are great but I have a habit of if I mess up or its not in the right order I usually end up abandoning it (Silly I know)

I honestly cannot wait for my dated 2021 planners to arrive, this will be my first time using them and see where things take me.

Happy Planning Folks and if you want to drop me a comment if you use any kind of planner to track health/wellness or anything really I would love to hear from you.

PS I am not affiliated as I am small fry – purely a hobby but I bought my items direct from – if your UK postage can get a little pricey http://thehappyplanner.com

For the Vinyl stickers or any other Crit Role Merch head to –  https://shop.critrole.co.uk/


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