The Pen is mightier than the sword – My Favourite Pens Review

As they say the pen is mightier than the sword, but I wouldn’t want to wield one in battle unless I need to jab someone in the eye.

But I digress, what pens do I find I like to use most for journalling/planning or just plain writing?

All of them!!! Nope here are a few of my favourite brands

  • Stabilo
  • Papermate
  • Staedler
  • Bic
  • Micron

Now there are lots of different types of pens in those brands, I tend to use alot of fineliners and each of these brands have some lovely ones. I think my Stabilo is my winner it just feels so smooth to write with. My papermate is great but the fineliner is a bit scratchy. The thicker flair ones however are greater for bolder lines. Although I am finding currently the stabilo bleeds a tiny bit in my Happy Planner.

Papermate inkjoys are also fun, but for me a normal biro just doesn’t have what I want for planner writing.

20210113_205115 20210113_205743

Top tip – Don’t always buy cheap pens straight away, they are not always going to last and are probably just a waste so invest a bit where you can.

That said you don’t need all the fancy & expensive pens in the world to write things down, it’s my preference because I’ve started cheap and cheerful as a beginner and then thought hmm these aren’t what I want, so a bit of forward planning is better for my bank balance in the long run and the environment.

I have seen alot of people in the planner community talk about tombow, well being a noob I didn’t have a clue you could buy this in the UK. This is a brush pen so it’s good for lettering. I’ve just ordered one and my hand writing is pretty piss poor but I fancy a bash šŸ™ƒ so probably won’t update on how that turns out.

Anyone have any favourite brands or a go to pen they just love using? Drop me a comment if you like (cheap way to get some ideas of more pens to buy! (like I need an excuse) šŸ‘‡

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