Be yourself as you can’t be anyone else

I often find myself tailoring my personality to different people. I know sometimes we have to do slight tweaks dependant on the situation/place/person. Like I can’t always say fuck it really loudly when I want. I have a great repertoire of swear words for any and all lifes situations, they just aren’t always appropriate to be spoken out loud. Especially when your mother in law is in the car with you.

If I adjust me too much, I find it exhausting.

Why the hell do I do it? To be liked, to not show people the real me? To fit in?

All of the above. I’m sure I’ve written about similar things before.

I’m going to be honest I have many faces or I like to think I do. But as we all probably know we are at our best when we can feel comfortable with just being ourselves.

I definately only have this one meat suit and this one brain. No matter how weird, wonderful and random it is. Totally not without it’s failures but it’s mine.

I just want to be me, unapologetically me.

And you whoever you maybe, you just keep being yourself as you can’t be anyone else.

(Unless you’re a seriel killer, then don’t be you)

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