Amitriptyline – New Meds for me

It’s taken me a whole year to try and sort this out but a few weeks ago I finally got Amitriptyline added to my prescription.

I needed something else to manage the pain of my extraintestinal symptoms , the arthritis in my body, which seems to be a consitent gnaw in my bones at the moment.

I mainly suffer in the small joints in my hands and my feet but that’s a different post.

I had asked my IBD nurses to request this from my consultant as they couldn’t suggest anything to help me and that I just had to live with it so I decided to try and take control of the situation and be proactive.

My consultant agreed that this wouldn’t cause me any harm and could see no reason why I couldn’t try it. I am also using it as a sneaky sleeping aid (I’ve been an insomniac since I was a teenager)

So what has it been doing so far?

Making me super groggy in a morning that’s what – I find it really hard to function for work at 9am. I got some helpful tips, advice and just some relatable info from the support group I am in (IBD Superheroes on FB) and it seems the consesus that is just something you either have to deal with or stop taking them.

I am not going to lie, I haven’t been consistent with taking it yet due the zombie side effect so I honestly can’t yet tell if it’s lessening the pain I am feeling in my hands. So I am really going to have to ensure I take it more often.

This is always the reminder that I am still always going to be sick, I was taking only one med for a while every 2 weeks and it just becomes normal, and when I add in something else I feel like I’m a rattling pill box. It is a small price to pay though when I consider alot of the alternatives or how many pills I used to take early in diagnosis.

Well I’ve waffled enough – watch this space and I will see if these meds are right for my IBD “toolbox” in about a month or so 🙂

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  1. Invisibly Me says:

    I was put on this to trial at the end of last year and gave up after just under a week. I had that same zombie grogginess and it also made me feel very poorly, quite nauseous and it was just a big no-go. I imagine some of it will settle over time, but because I already lose so much of every day as it is, this whole not-alive issue was a deal-breaker as it was so extreme. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you can ease into this one gradually and be less zombified by the end of a month, and hopefully find it helps your symptoms.

    Caz xx

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