Covid-19 Pfizer Vaccine – My Immunisation Experience

So a bit like voting many of us are announcing that we are awaiting the vaccine or had it done.

Why? Well for me it’s purely to share my experience, should any one ever find use of it, and also for me to look back on.

While it isn’t medical advice, sometimes peer to peer experience is really helpful. I find this especially true in the IBD community.

I had my jab at about 9.45am on 03/02/21 – I just want to start by saying that I was really impressed with the set up at the gp surgery I went to, I was anxious as I haven’t been anywhere for like for ever but I didn’t need to be.

I did arrive early as you do, but there was already a small queue. The whole process was marshalled from start to finish. They were ensuring people put new surgical masks on, hand santised and stayed apart while queuing.

They took your name so there was no delays at the admin desk to confirm people’s attendance.

Once I was in the room for my jab I was asked for my basic information aswell as any meds I was taking and was then given some information about the vaccine and invited to ask any questions. After the jab I was given a card with my name on it, vaccine batch number and which vaccine I had for safe keeping.

I then had to wait 15 mins in an observation area just in case anything untoward happened. And I promply left after that.

Things I noted during & after:

  • The jab was painless at the time
  • I had a headache in the afternoon
  • felt very tired for the day
  • had a metallic taste in my mouth for a day
  • pain in arm at injection site for about 1 day (tender)

There really isn’t much else to write about. Other than I am so grateful that I had to opportunity to get the vaccine being in Clinically Extremely Vunerable category in the UK due to the meds I take for my crohn’s disease. Whilst it won’t make Covid go away, I am sure it will make a huge difference in paving the way for a brighter future. And as they say time will tell.

Feel free to share any comments/thoughts/experiences with me

If you wish to see any medical Info/research regarding the vaccines my suggestions would be these sources:

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  1. Invisibly Me says:

    I’m glad you’ve had your first jab. I took my parents for theirs on Friday but it was at the local fire station oddly enough. Like you found, it was marshalled and very organised. It’s great you’ve not had too much in the way of side-effects and that what you did have was short-lived. My parents didn’t have anything other than the tenderness you had in your arm, which they still have a bit of today.

    Did they give you a date for the second? I put this up on Twitter because it concerned me when I asked the lady there about when the second jab would be and she said she didn’t know, that they’d get a call ‘when they know what they’re doing’. It seems people in different areas are given a date (like my aunt was) in 12 weeks’ time, others aren’t. The lady I spoke to was very nice but she looked genuinely very unsure of the situation, which is a bit worrying. I think it’s reckless to change 21 days to 3 months, but to look at the positives, the experience many are having of the injection day seems really good overall with everything well organised. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

    Caz xx

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    1. Thanks for the reply Caz. Glad your parents didn’t have any side effects. I also didn’t get a date for my second jab. And I forgot to ask about it. It seems a bit wishy washy and agree reckless to change the timing of the jabs due to logistics. Some people who had jabs at a hu in my area got dates for second. But at the place where I had mine they didn’t. I’m guessing it is gonna be a wait and see for the next call. But frustrating and hopefully it won’t lessen the effect of the first dose too much.

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  2. Demelza says:

    It’s really good to hear your experience with the vaccine. I live in New Zealand so we are still waiting on the roll out. I have a rare auto immune disease called Achalasia, so it’s really good to hear other’s experiences especially when having auto immune issues to consider. Thanks!

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