Feeling Lost

I’m feeling a little bit lost at the moment. Like I’m just wandering with no real aim or focus or purpose in life.

I don’t know if it’s lockdown and the fact I have no plans to look forward to or what.

I am also feeling frustrated with my health. Last week I had more bad days than good and it’s really bummed me out. I’ve had alot of severe stomach pain, then it got to weekend and yesterday I had a full on migraine to the point where I ended up being sick and I couldn’t move my head as it felt like my skull was going to split open (sounds dramatic but it really did feel that way)

I am trying but it’s really hard to shake this feeling at the moment, probably not a great post to read but blogging is a great way to direct my thoughts and channel them into something none destructive.

I know I’m aimless because today I actually exercised in the house, WTF! That’s a new one for me. I thought well I am already miserable might aswell sweat some of this fat off! haha

Really hoping for a better week, I know some of this is well within my control I just need to find things to look forward too however small.

I stepped off the path
 I can't find my way back
 I feel aimless and lost
 I'm completely off track

 I'm looking for a signpost
 To show me the way
 As I travel alone
 The further I stray

 I'll follow my compass
 And my north guiding star
 And I'll find my way home
 No matter how far! 

(Written by me 2021)

Anyone else feeling this way at the moment – any tips on trying to combat this feeling – feel free to drop me a comment

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  1. Wendy says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I think we all go through periods like this. It’s valuable to acknowledge it and take whatever small steps we can take to move forward. For me, sometimes it’s one little thing that makes me smile – listening to a favorite song, lighting a fragrant candle, just watching my son be his amazing self!

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    1. Thank you for the reply. I know that this is definately just a phase, its temporary and will pass. I agree it’s the small things. Sometimes they are harder to see even though you know they are there

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  2. Gibberish says:

    Trust me you’re not alone. We all go through bouts of such hopelessness and then find ways to bounce back or atleast distract ourselves. But it’s not easy. I know too well. Even I have terrible migraine with severe vomitting among the many many other health issues. And I think health issues frustrate us the most. But hang in there buddy…this too shall pass💐💕

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  3. Thanks for sharing, I’m feeling exactly the same 🙏


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