Social Indignation

That’s unjust, they criedIt’s so undignified We have rightsIt’s in our sights So now we’re justified There’s an accusation,Oh the indignationSocial media, it’s never endingTo whom, or how we are now offending,Social media it’s transcended To whom, or how we are now offended

In Joyful things we hide

In juletide joy And festive glee There was a girl named Kelly Marie That holiday cheer Making her sneer Poor lass who’s still not pain free In seasons blessings And gift giving free Please spare a thought for what you cannot see

With knowledge comes power…

Arming yourself with information when you have inflammatory bowel disease can be a wonderful tool, but it also a minefield and can be difficult to navigate. I found this especially true when I was first diagnosed.

Battery Low – Taking time to Recharge

When you are running on empty and need to recharge…. I was diagnosed 3 years ago, its be a rollercoaster, there have be times I thought I’d been beat and somehow found some inner strength I didn’t know I had just to keep going. Recently I have been feeling completely drained, like I’m just running…

Quantifying Self Worth

How do you quantify self worth? The short answer is you can’t. We live in a society where our need to be validated can have such an impact on our self worth.

You are your harshest critic

I’m writing this one on the back of a harsh couples of weeks, plagued with pain and a flare as well as being super busy at work (don’t get me wrong I am thankful that I can work). It can be easy to lose sight of what’s important when you are in the thick of…