Fighting for your Health

When you have IBD, your immune system is attacking the healthy cells in your body. It’s a full on internal battle going on inside, and sometimes it’s a war. When I feel relatively healthy I find it much easier to manage my emotions aswell as being more equipped to be deal with life in general….

Happy Planner – My Updated Planner Needs

Shocker, I have bought more Happy Planner items that I need to use – some of which hasn’t arrived yet. (totally not going to admit how much I’ve spent since October) #planneraddict I started with a vertical classic happy planner undated which I am still using. I also bought myself some lovely metal purple discs….

My Creature Comforts

We all have our creature comforts in life, those things that we really just don’t want to do without. When I’m feeling unwell and a bit grotty I just want to be comfy, so snuggly Pj’s, fluffy slippers and my big knickers make me comfy, I totally can’t wear these at work I’d definitely get…