Poem – Doctors note

Doctors note

I begged and I pleaded
I asked for help that I needed
But you waved me away
Its my IBS you would say

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The Measure of Success

“The only real failure is the failure to try, and the measure of success is how we cope with disappoinment – Deborah Moggach”

I do try to hold this quote true to my heart. Life can be a struggle already, throw a chronic illness into that mix and all sanity can go out of the window.

But if I hold onto the truth that any achievement no matter how small is worth something and not to give myself a mental beat down when things either don’t go my way or how I expect them too I’m onto a winner.

So when I have a crohns accident (meaning I’ve shit myself) or I don’t manage to everything I wanted to in a day because fatigue has crept in, it’s OK.

And on those days when I feel like absolute crap and drag my ass into work, and maybe I have a little cry because things felt too much. I tried and that’s what counts.

I hope that this saying will ring true for many people in that we all experience disappointment, but it must not bring us down.


Out of the “Gut”ter

Somedays my Crohns just feels like it wants to win, it can be a real struggle just to get out of bed in a morning and to carry on through a working day like everything is “Normal”.

When you haven’t slept a wink because you feel like dog poo warmed up, and your stomach is churning and you think you might vomit in the night – It IS a constant battle.

Today it has been particulaly pesky, and in the words of Gilderoy Lockhart Peskipiksi PesterCrohnie. (ok he didn’t say that in Harry Potter)

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM has been nagging at my every thought, poking my insides where no one can see. Every twinge has been a gut wrenching reminder that it isn’t going to sod of anytime soon however much I might wish it so.

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