Feeling Lost

I’m feeling a little bit lost at the moment. Like I’m just wandering with no real aim or focus or purpose in life. I don’t know if it’s lockdown and the fact I have no plans to look forward to or what. I am also feeling frustrated with my health. Last week I had more…

Amitriptyline – New Meds for me

It’s taken me a whole year to try and sort this out but a few weeks ago I finally got Amitriptyline added to my prescription. I needed something else to manage the pain of my extraintestinal symptoms , the arthritis in my body, which seems to be a consitent gnaw in my bones at the…

Fighting for your Health

When you have IBD, your immune system is attacking the healthy cells in your body. It’s a full on internal battle going on inside, and sometimes it’s a war. When I feel relatively healthy I find it much easier to manage my emotions aswell as being more equipped to be deal with life in general….

Happy Planner – My Updated Planner Needs

Shocker, I have bought more Happy Planner items that I need to use – some of which hasn’t arrived yet. (totally not going to admit how much I’ve spent since October) #planneraddict I started with a vertical classic happy planner undated which I am still using. I also bought myself some lovely metal purple discs….