Guiding Hand

When you step off the path I hope I can be there to put you back on
And when you reach out I promise that I won’t just be gone
We all come off balance and sometimes lose our way
And I will try my best not to lead you astray
But I can’t be responsible for the actions you take
Or for the choices that you sometimes might make
I will be your friend and try to be kind, all that I ask is you bare something in mind
We are only human after all, and sometimes we stumble and sometimes we fall
If I step off the path and you see me run on, please reach out your hand and put me back on.

Belonging – Community

Having any illness or disease can be lonely. Now I have never been a social butterfly, but since my diagnosis and having periods of unwell where I haven’t felt like leaving the house and I have started to feel isolated and withdrawn. I joined the crohns and colitis facebook group to more understand that there were more people just like me who got IT, and understood what I was going through.

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