Chronie in York

This weekend I went away for a day/night in York. It struck me as I was packing how much we have to pre plan when living with a chronic illness. I didn’t book a hostel as I was worried about the toilet facilities and I was carrying more pills than than the what felt like the local pharmacy.

On the car journey my stomach started playing up in slow moving traffic, immense pain that came in waves. I also had to do a few mad dashes while in york to the local pubs to use the toilet facilities. I even used my Radar Key for the first time to open a disabled toilet that I spotted had the national key scheme on it.

Despite my crohns making an appearance quite regularly I had a really great weekend. I was determined that I wasn’t going to allow IBD to rule my life. Yes, I am currently on medication that has allowed some of symptons to calm down and Yes, I had to make adjustments while I was out, but still came away knowing I can still have good times while living with IBD.

It can limit me at times, but it will never take my freedom! You can still live a full life with a chronic disease. Keep fighting all you amazing warriors.

Live, love and be happy

The Measure of Success

“The only real failure is the failure to try, and the measure of success is how we cope with disappoinment – Deborah Moggach”

I do try to hold this quote true to my heart. Life can be a struggle already, throw a chronic illness into that mix and all sanity can go out of the window.

But if I hold onto the truth that any achievement no matter how small is worth something and not to give myself a mental beat down when things either don’t go my way or how I expect them too I’m onto a winner.

So when I have a crohns accident (meaning I’ve shit myself) or I don’t manage to everything I wanted to in a day because fatigue has crept in, it’s OK.

And on those days when I feel like absolute crap and drag my ass into work, and maybe I have a little cry because things felt too much. I tried and that’s what counts.

I hope that this saying will ring true for many people in that we all experience disappointment, but it must not bring us down.


Body Image – #GetYourBellyOut

Body Image – this is such an important issue – disease, illness or not.

I’ve always had a fook it kind of attitude in whether people like the way I look or not and for the most part I have been OK with how I look/feel about myself. Don’t get me wrong I have had my hang ups, my teeth for instance. I don’t like to smile in pictures so much, my teeth are large and I know it.

Since my diagnosis I feel alot more self concious about my weight, my appearance & MY ILLNESS. It has affected me in ways I never thought it would……

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The night before IV iron infusion #2

Im lying awake at unsociable hours, when yet again my brain kicks into gear. When the world is silent I am thinking, what next, what now.

I know this is futile, but that’s how my mind works, it seems to think it can solve all my problems when really I should be sleeping. 

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┬áIV iron infusion #1

Soooo I haven’t been posting as regularly as I would have hoped, my naughty stomach gremlins are on the prowl. I don’t know if its because I fed them after midnight or what but gizmo and his buddies aren’t happy.

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The Force within

Me and my partner went to watch the new star wars, the last Jedi the other weekend. Why is this relevant you wonder?

Saturday morning rolled round and I hadn’t made a decision to go anywhere, In fact I had not even made the decision to get out of bed.

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Fads, kooks and crooks, Fact not fiction

Some days I feel as though I gave myself this illness, that I should feel guilty that I have a chronic disease that can’t be cured. This is madness I know. We are constantly surrounded by news stories or articles and even other people who have no medical background telling us we ate the wrong things or didn’t exercise enough.

I have lived for many years suffering with symptoms of #ibd and felt like a fraud or a hypocondriac because my medical professionals didn’t connect the dots or didn’t believe me.

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