I don’t know about everyone else but I love a good meme. Here are some of my favourite ones relating to auto immune/crohns that I totally relate too, I could post these all day but only my chronically sick fellows will understand.

Re-evaluating what matters

Since the end of 2019, I have been revaluating things in my life. Nothing on a drastic scale, but I spent alot of time last year feeling guilty for not visiting certain family members, not buying certain people presents, am I getting the right things. This is because having a chronic illness means that alot…

Writers Block

You are the blank spaces between My missing words and inactivity The bottom feeder on my creativity You are the stark white paper The harsh lines on the page Are the bars on my minds cage You are the brain fog Muddling my thoughts The rusty Padlock You are writers block

Bad Day Bear

One year Crohn’s and Colitis were running a competition for shorts stories, I never submitted mine so I’ve decided to publish it here.   “It was a bad day” said bear. Bear’s family rolled their eyes, it was not unusual for this to be said, and bear was known in the community as bad day…