State of Health

I very rarely post about feeling well, I find it curse as such. I’m not even superstitious. But yet when I say “Yeah I’ve been feeling really good” Wham! Crohn’s comes and punches me right in the gut, a not so gentle reminder that my disease is in fact still there. I had a colonoscopy…

Tipping the scales – Weight & IBD

Lets face it many of us aren’t happy with our bodies or our weight, it’s hard to find a balance of feeling too fat or too thin. Back when I first got diagnosed I weighed 7st 3lbs, and I felt so weak and I hardly recognised myself in the mirror anymore. Pre diagnosis I weighed…

Jibber Jabber

My words are meaninglessA thoughtless jibber jabberExpressions of emotionSomething to fill the hour


I don’t know about everyone else but I love a good meme. Here are some of my favourite ones relating to auto immune/crohns that I totally relate too, I could post these all day but only my chronically sick fellows will understand.