Covid-19 Pfizer Vaccine – My Immunisation Experience

So a bit like voting many of us are announcing that we are awaiting the vaccine or had it done. Why? Well for me it’s purely to share my experience, should any one ever find use of it, and also for me to look back on. While it isn’t medical advice, sometimes peer to peer…

Fighting for your Health

When you have IBD, your immune system is attacking the healthy cells in your body. It’s a full on internal battle going on inside, and sometimes it’s a war. When I feel relatively healthy I find it much easier to manage my emotions aswell as being more equipped to be deal with life in general….

Arthritis in IBD – The not so Funny Bones

When you hear the word Arthritis, What do you associate this with? I know that for me when I thought about aching bones, sore joints and Arthritis it was something older people suffered from. Ha, how wrong was I!

Tipping the scales – Weight & IBD

Lets face it many of us aren’t happy with our bodies or our weight, it’s hard to find a balance of feeling too fat or too thin. Back when I first got diagnosed I weighed 7st 3lbs, and I felt so weak and I hardly recognised myself in the mirror anymore. Pre diagnosis I weighed…