In Joyful things we hide

In juletide joy And festive glee There was a girl named Kelly Marie That holiday cheer Making her sneer Poor lass who’s still not pain free In seasons blessings And gift giving free Please spare a thought for what you cannot see

Fads, kooks and crooks, Fact not fiction

Some days I feel as though I gave myself this illness, that I should feel guilty that I have a chronic disease that can’t be cured. This is madness I know. We are constantly surrounded by news stories or articles and even other people who have no medical background telling us we ate the wrong…

Brittle Heart

A little poem I wrote back in 2014, must have had a bad night.  My heart feels brittle It’s crumbling away to dust These tears keep leaking And I’m starting to rust

Pain pain go away

The thing with crohns is I look perfectly normal on the outside. I can smile like I’m happy, walk normally and talk like it’s going out of fashion. It’s a facade, a very good front. It’s easy for people to forget that I have an incurable disease or for those that don’t know me to…