Guiding Hand

When you step off the path I hope I can be there to put you back on
And when you reach out I promise that I won’t just be gone
We all come off balance and sometimes lose our way
And I will try my best not to lead you astray
But I can’t be responsible for the actions you take
Or for the choices that you sometimes might make
I will be your friend and try to be kind, all that I ask is you bare something in mind
We are only human after all, and sometimes we stumble and sometimes we fall
If I step off the path and you see me run on, please reach out your hand and put me back on.

Brittle Heart

A little poem I wrote back in 2014, must have had a bad night. 

My heart feels brittle
It’s crumbling away to dust
These tears keep leaking
And I’m starting to rust

So bit by bit
And pill by pill
My heart will stop beating
And the world will stand still

This loneliness is feeding the darkness that’s trapped inside,
It’s seeping out and I’ve nowhere to hide.

I have no escape and no release,
All I’m looking for is a friend
So that this pain with cease