Social Indignation

That’s unjust, they criedIt’s so undignified We have rightsIt’s in our sights So now we’re justified There’s an accusation,Oh the indignationSocial media, it’s never endingTo whom, or how we are now offending,Social media it’s transcended To whom, or how we are now offended

In Joyful things we hide

In juletide joy And festive glee There was a girl named Kelly Marie That holiday cheer Making her sneer Poor lass who’s still not pain free In seasons blessings And gift giving free Please spare a thought for what you cannot see

Crohn’s Limerick

There was a young woman with Crohn’s She could feel it right down to her bones She let out a fart And it gave her a start “If only ’twas only a fart” she groans

Guiding Hand

When you step off the path I hope I can be there to put you back on And when you reach out I promise that I won’t just be gone We all come off balance and sometimes lose our way And I will try my best not to lead you astray But I can’t be…

Brittle Heart

A little poem I wrote back in 2014, must have had a bad night.  My heart feels brittle It’s crumbling away to dust These tears keep leaking And I’m starting to rust